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Service and Installations Limited to the Greater San Joaquin Valley - Central Calif.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Q: Are the prices listed on the buy it now pages guaranteed?

A: No. Prices are subject to change without notice. The page you are viewing may be in the process of being updated or be in need of updating. Call the store to verify your final price.

Q: Will a gas insert raise my gas bill?

A: No. You should actually save money on gas.

1st - these units are more efficient than almost all home furnaces.

2nd - you are primarily heating the room where the unit is, making that room comfortable without having to heat the entire house. The heat will travel to the adjacent rooms as well. We heat our entire house with our 40,000 BTU insert.

Here is a copy of my personal gas bill after we got an insert. We save over $28.00 per month, every month.


Q: How long have you been in business in Fresno?

A: Since 1989. We used to be Timberline Construction, with the same contractor's license number.


Q: If I hire you to do work for me and I am not happy with the finished product - then what?

A: From time to time this may happen. You don't like the color, or the insert looks unlevel to you, or you want it moved to the left a little - something like that. We always try to have our customers 100% satisfied before we leave the first time. We will do everything within our power to make you happy. This is why we have no complaints filed against us.


Q: What if I notice something a week later that I don't like with the installation?

A: We want you 100% satisfied. For this reason, we will come back out to try our best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


Q: How long is a repair guaranteed?

A: Field and shop repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the initial repair. Fireplaces are complicated appliances and only the portion we repaired is under that 30 day guarantee. Other systems or parts that fail in addition are not covered.


Q: What if after a year, I have somebody other than you do a cleaning or repair and something happens to my unit? Say the blower quits or the flue pipe comes off?

A: We prefer to service and maintain our products for you. However, if you live out of the area, this may not be cost effective for you. Unfortunately, you assume some risk that a third party may not be totally familiar with the product or our installation methods. If a third party cleans, moves , repairs, services or otherwise works on a product that we installed originally, that third party will be responsible to fix any such problems arising from his or her work on the product we installed at their own expense. There would be a fee imposed if we come back out to resolve such an issue.


Q: Can I return my unit after the sale?

A: Unfortunately, if your unit was special ordered, as most of our units are, there are no returns or exchanges. This is because we have already paid for your unit along with the freight to get it here. This is why we offer to do a pre-install consultation within our service area to be sure the unit you have chosen will work in your home. Not all fireplaces are allowed in all municipal jurisdictions. Wood and pellet for instance have restrictions in most areas. Double check with your local code enforcement agency before you buy. A 15% restocking fee applies on all approved returned or cancelled orders that were not special order originally. Returned orders after 30 days from original order date are subject to a 50% restocking fee. All refunds are issued by check. Allow 15 business days for processing.

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